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Our clinic specializes in a personalized approach to healing, that always originates with a simple blood test. Regardless of your pre-diagnosed condition, we will again, always have you take the blood test. It’s the center-point of our entire process. 

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We have established a partnership with Andrea Thompson Enterprises, which allows you to get your blood test kit quicker upon ordering.

Your kit will be sent certified mail to you within one business day after ordering, and includes:

  • Blood test kit
  • Detailed instructions, as well as photos showing how to administer the test.
  • Lancet
  • Gauze
Andrea Thompson Enterprises also has a team of customer service representatives and health coaches trained in The Hilu Method, and has been enormously successful in helping many of our clinic patients in ongoing follow-up and support after patients receive their blood test results back from our clinic.

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VIDEO: See how simple it is to take this life-altering blood analysis test.

Hear from Dr. Hilu​

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